The Buddha


Abhaya mudra Anuradhapura museum,
Sri Lanka ,400 AD.

Tangled and all awry, all overthrown,
This way and that they lay, a sorry sight,
A mass confused of fallen beam and stone
- And then One came and set them all upright.

Veil upon veil obscured from all men's eyes
The vision of What is; and night-mare ridden,
Their sickly fancies rid from them the Prize;
- And then One came and showed what had been ridden.

Man was a-wandering far on miry ways,
Crushed 'neath the weight of a most heavy load,
Bewildered, lost in the world's winding maze:
- And then One came and showed him the Road.

Man was beset with darkness all about.
Naught could he see. When lo! amidst his night.
Thing after thing before his eyes stood out:
- For One had came who held aloft a Light.

O setter-up, Revealer, Guide Bringer of Light,
Who thus bestow'st on man the highest good,
Who art Thou, kind, compassionate, Giver of Sight?
- A calm, clear voice replies: I am the Buddha.

The Buddha! What millions have adored that name!
What millions now adore, where'er the sun
Looks down! What millions more that fadeless fame
Shall still plroclaim till all men's days are done!
          Silacara The British Buddhist