To the Buddha


O Thou, Whose wisdom still doth light the world...
To Thee,
 dare Lord, I bring these flowers sweet;
White Sal, and Na, and Lotus dew-impearl'd;
And with their beauty deck Thy Lotus-feet.
As in the silence 'neath Thy tender gaze

I kneel, Sweet Master, Thy feet awile
Tranquil, and calm, and passionless –Thy face
Lights all Life's gloom with that compassionate smile.

The world without, is full of Lust, and strife
And greed, and hate: grim death, and slow decay.
Yet these –that mar the joyousness of life-
Cast not their shadows on Thy austere way.
Here'neath Thy gaze these darkening shadows cease...
Here, at Thy feet there is infinite peace.

 -Mallika Cooray

This is the Bronze Statue at the small garden of the Vihara, made by artist Mr.Wijesekera from Sri Lanka.
A lotus flower for the first time in this pond, bloomed on the day of Ven. Soma’s arrival at the Vihara. It had been planted by Kim Tesalona and Nancy Phan.