The Seeker

Deep from the mind’s dark chasm arising calls
The voice of flamed Desire, which to obey,
Drain on I will, swill deep the cup of gall
Of Birth and Death and pass in tears my way

Galviharaya, Polonnaruwa


12th Century


On through Sansara’s waste, pursue the stream
Delusion, Lust, and Ire, ill-spent in days forlorn,
Tumultuous in my cries, to chase my dreams,
Although Desire’s star may flee still further on…

Still, why must the mind hid in its dimmed cave
In yearning seek pale stars that flee from me,
When in Renunciation I could crave
Nirvana’s stat, far brighter, tearless, free,
Whose beams embalmed within my soul my shine,
Or sparkle lost in a Buddha’s silvan shrine…?

Iris De Silva