Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammasambuddhassa

Brothers and Sisters, Smile. To the followers of the Lord of smiling compassion, smiling becomes a duty.

That ineffably sweet smile of Our Lord was a sovereign solace to the sad world. It never left Him. It was on a day He starved that He said,

Ah! Happily do we live, we who have no impediments.

Feeders on joy shall we be, even as the Radiant Devas.

And it was while snow was falling and while winter winds were blowing that He, spending the night at the foot of a Simsapa tree in the Himalayas, said to the man whom He had hone to befriend, “Verily I also am one of them that happily live.”

He was happy because He suffered to make all beings happy. On a Vesak Day like this,  Who was so near Nibbana’s shore, plunged again into the ocean of Samsara to rescue His drowning brothers and sisters, and suffered infinite pain, not of need, but for love.

And the message of Buddhism is a message to renounce self-love and to cultivate that beautiful self-spending love.

If little children are loved; if the dumb friends are protected; if the orphaned are supported; if the sick are healed; if the hungry are fed; if the naked are clothed; if the weak are made strong; if lust and anger and ignorance are driven from the mind; if war is stopped for ever; if the Law of Love is established; if sad eyes are made to smile and if righteousness reigns, all must be done by the followers of the all-Compassionate, all-Wise One.

Armed with compassion and wisdom and with a will of steel. Help the victims of the bomb and the flood and the famine. Proclaim to the world that most Beautiful path of Happiness taught by the Lord of Peace.

And let your saintly smile soothe the sorrowful world.

May all living beings be well and happy!


Bhikkhu Metteyya