Message to Mothers

(From Upasika G. Lounsbery, Author of Buddhist Meditation)

My Special Vesak message to Biddhsit mothers is an urgent request that they send their children to Sunday School only and demand that all teachers and principals of these schools should be heroic and true followers of the Blessed one.

Only under Buddhsit tutelage can the children absorb the spirit as well the letter of the Dhamma and grow up to be people of high cahracter who will help the world.

Ignorant of Lord Buddha’s insistence on compassion and moral and mental controlcan build a generation who are ignorant of he Great Truth. Character is infinitely important more than book learning.

The problem of suffering and poverty should also be a matter of concern for all Buddhist mothers and they should train their children to consider this as part of the work to be done for the Lord Buddha, nor should the sufferings of animals leave them indifferent.

Gentleness compassion, and readiness to sacrifice and serve are needed more than ever in the heartless modern world.

Let our mothers ever emulate the heroic Visaka and serve the Sasana with utmost devotion.
Let him advice, instruct and shield one from evil. A delight is he to the good, a vexation to the wicked.

Dhammapada, Pandita Vagga

Victory breeds hatred; the defeated man lives unhappily. The peaceful man lives happily, giving up victory and defeat.

Dhammapada, Sukhavagga